Before 307 KB
After 102 KB

Compress your pictures more than 500%

Save a lot of space and bandwith in your projects optimizing your images

How thepiclab Technology works

We use the best market technology to compress your images from any format to the format do you need, jpg, png, gif with the best compression a no quality of image loss

Is free ThePicLab?

Yes! The PicLab is absolutly free, you cn use us the times do you need, and save a lot of spaces in your images.

What I have to compress my images

Optimizing and compressing your images will save your projects a lot of space and time to download to your users. Imaginqe do you have a project with 30 images, every one with a size of 300kb, this is more than 9MB of size only in images!! With The pibclab you can save 70% of the size and the project will be only 3 MB. Also if you optimize the size to to fit to thescreen of the users you can save even to 95% of the size! Don use images of 4000px of with if maximun screen users is 200px, doen'nt have sense, not?

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